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If you are looking for antique clock repairs in Berkshire you have come to the right place.

Whatever type of antique clock you have, including: Carriage clocks, Bracket clocks, Long Case clocks, Grandfather clocks, Lantern clocks, English Regulators, Vienna Regulator, Dial clocks, Act of Parliament clocks, Traditional Mechanical clocks ... if it needs attention, contact us.

Berkshire Clock Repair provides an antique clock repair and restoration service in this area in Berkshire, Wargrave, near Henley-on-Thames Please take a look through our website, if you haven't already. Berkshire Clock Repair provides a repair, Clock Repairers Berkshire and conservation service for antique clocks and usually has a range of antique and other interesting clocks for sale, some of which are listed in this website.

Berkshire Clock Repair is based in the hills above Berkshire, in between Marlow and Henley-on-Thames above.

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Antique clock repair involves the careful and sympathetic review of the age and performance of older clocks. Where a clock has stopped running, it will need to be repaired to get it going. An antique clock repairer is skilled and experienced in achieving a suitable and cost-effective repair. We cover Berkshire and take in and care for clocks in a wide radius covering the Reading area, Oxfordshire area, Antique Clock repairer Henley On Thames, Twyford area, Maidenhead area, High Wycombe are and Wargrave area.

For fast, reliable services for antique clocks, choose Antique Clock Repairer Berkshire. We are expert technicians with extensive knowledge of the components of antique clock repair as well as restoration. Our technicians are well experienced as well as have been repairing clocks for several years. We specialize in cuckoo, antiques, as well as other modern clocks. We may also repair custom-built clocks.

Antique clock repairer Reading RG

We Are Highly Experienced For Entire Types Of Clock Repairing

If you have a beautiful clock in your house that just won't tick, chances are that we may fix it for you at a very affordable cost. We are proud to provide a complete specialist repair service for entire types of clocks. Skilled professionals provide expert care as well as service in a dedicated workshop. You may rest assured that we will offer all you would expect from committed technicians.

We will estimate the price of any clock repairing for free, as well as may recommend all things of clock care. Our focus on customer service has gained us a wonderful reputation over the years resulting in several repeat customers and wonderful customer recommendations. Our services are not limited and we will be more than pleased to examine your clock as well as prepare restoration, no matter how small or how big the job. We may help.

Antique Clock Repairer Berkshire

Carry Your Clock Into Our Shop For A Competitive Free Quotation

Our customers’ clocks are completely insured whilst in our maintenance as well as work is accomplished within an agreed timescale as well as price range. Please contact us for your clock repairing needs. We will be very happy to discuss your requirements as well as offer advice before any work is undertaken.

We specialize in the repair as well as service of antique, contemporary clocks and clock repair & restoration, we undertake routine servicing of clock mechanisms to make sure that they carry on functioning well and preserving the life of the clock for years to come. For comprehensive assurance, to our clients, all clock repair work is assured.

We pride ourselves in offering the highest possible quality of service in a friendly as well as the efficient manner and a full guarantee backs up our work. Thus visit our clock repairing shop today, if you have any query, or would like to ask a clock restoration or repair cost. Contact the best Clock Repaires Reading RG for the top level service.

Oftentimes the criticism with a mechanical clock is it stopped working after it had been transferred. This is normally from somebody shifting the clock without even taking the pendulum off and this places the clock from beat. Out of conquer is a phrase employed in clock fix that essentially means that the clock is moving tock-tick, tock-tick, or ticktock, ticktock rather than tick tock tick tock. It's occasionally adjusted by placing a matchbook or little piece of wood under one side of the clock situation to generate the tick and the tock evenly dispersed. This can temporarily fix the issue and the clock works fine.

Method however isn't quite as great as adjusting the beat and using the clock run when it's really right and level. This may be accomplished on many clocks by bending the verge one way or the other. The verge is the thing that gets flexed or bent while the clock is transferred, and never taking the pendulum the clock off. A verge that's flexed or pushed impacts the escapement of the clock; the escapement being the portion of the clock which truly generates the tick and tock sound.

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All mechanical clocks serviced and repaired in home workshop located in Wargrave near Henley-on-Thames

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Berkshire Clock Repair is a small family business originally conceived to service and repair clocks for local village folk.

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